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Photo of Poeme ownerWhy am I smiling? Quite simply, I love my job! I’ve been self-employed since the new millennium, and working with brides and wedding coordinators for just a bit longer. One of my dreams came true in 2007 when I became the proud owner of Poeme! My other dreams were to be a professional dancer, which I did for six years; and to fall in love, which I did with my now business partner {see below!} I am also madly in love with my niece and nephew, and my cats, Bodie and Doyle (hello, my name is Kristen and I am a crazy cat-lover.)

If you want to know more, pay a visit to Poeme. I spend my days designing and printing and trimming and sticking and licking and stamping and… well… you get the picture!

Phil . email me!

photo of Poeme ownerYes, I am the other half of the above. We met on the love boat (actually Royal Caribbean) while I was a casino manager and Kristen was dancing. Originally I am from Liverpool, England, and since we have been land-locked have enjoyed living in Chicago and are now happy to call Cincinnati home. I spend my days buying and merchandising, working with our corporate clients on their branding and collateral, and meeting new customers and catching up with those who visit often.

In my free time I enjoy brewing my own beer, working out at a local boxing gym, home improvement projects (like the new deck we will be enjoying after work this summer) and cooking. Recently, after a trip to Portland, Oregon, I embarked on what I am calling my sandwich odyssey: a new breakfast sandwich every Sunday until I run out of ideas. Any requests?

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