10/25/2017  . Mother of the Bride | Lisa LaRosa

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The love and bond shared between Mother of the Bride, Lisa LaRosa, and her daughter Erika LaRosa Maurer is unmistakable. Gratitude and grace flow from both of them throughout these wedding photos from Erika’s recent wedding. Mrs. LaRosa took the time to answer our questions about helping Erika through the wedding planning process and her perspective on such a magical day. Photography by Veritas Studio

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Tell us about your own wedding day.

I married the man of my dreams Michael Timothy LaRosa on March 14, 1992. It was a cool March day that had a few flurries for the photos. Our day was absolutely perfect. Filled with 500 close family and friends.

Courtesy of Mrs. LaRosa

What are some of the details you cherish?

Our wedding was a black and white with long stem roses everywhere.  Dancing the Italian Tarantella together was a highlight of the evening. A memory we will cherish forever.

Veritas Studio

Veritas Studio

Where were you married?

We were married at St. Peter and St. Paul Church of Christ in Western Hills and the reception was at a west side favorite “The Farm”. Church and Hall were packed.  We had fun from the beginning to the end.

Veritas Studio

Veritas Studio

Did your mother or grandmother have a role in your wedding planning? How were they involved?

I was very blessed to have my Mother by my side helping me plan my dream wedding. We worked well together and my Mom helped in every aspect of the planning. It’s so funny the similarities that Erika chose were similar to my wedding. I saved my wedding planning binder and we had fun looking back at my details, prices and styles once her planning was complete.

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How did you help Erika throughout the planning process? What tasks did you manage?

Erika and Scott knew exactly what they wanted their wedding to be centered around, Jesus. The day after they got engaged they knew the kind of venue they wanted. We booked Pinecroft after our first visit. Erika and Scott were finishing up their last year of school so I helped with all the planning. My cousin Jessica Barry (JBarry Designs) was our wedding planner and designer, with Erika’s ideas, my organization and Jessica’s creativity, Erika and Scotts day was magical in every way. Erika and Scott would continue to share what they liked and wanted then Jessica and I executed it. I was involved in every aspect of the planning from the very beginning to the end. And I’m so grateful.

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What details did you enjoy most from Erika’s wedding day?

Erika and Scott had so many special touches that meant so much to them. It was very important to them that they shared with their guest the Love they have for Jesus first and then the love they have for each other. Erika and Scott didn’t want just a normal table number placed on the tables, they picked out their 30 favorite Bible versus and had Poeme print them under each table number. Erika strategically placed her guests to fit the Bible verse so everyone received a special message through out the night.

So many guest commented to my husband and I that the love they witnessed between Erika and Scott and most importantly they felt Jesus through out the day was simply beautiful and breathtaking.

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What was the best part of helping to plan Erika’s wedding?

Honestly, Erika’s magical wedding began to flourish from our first meeting with Kristen [at Poeme]. She took the time to sit with us and she created the beautiful invitation that was a reflection of Erika’s style. Everything that Poeme created from the invitations to the program fans, table numbers and seating chart were all a reflection of Erika and the romantic, magical wedding she had always dreamed of. Working with Poeme along with JBarry Designs was by far the most enjoyable part of the planning process. Everything throughout the entire process was very smooth. Everything just fit into place the way it was meant to be.

The week of the wedding we lost our dear niece Jenna, she was a beautiful, young 28 year old. She was suppose to be in Erika’s wedding. We had to lay her to rest the night before Erika’s wedding. Erika wore Jenna’s veil, and she was glowing. Jenna was with us, Jesus was with us, it was a day, a moment, a feeling we will never forget. Life is too short. We enjoyed every moment of the planning and the day. My husband and I took a step back and just really enjoyed every moment of the entire wedding. Life is too precious not to enjoy every moment and be grateful.

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Thank you so much Lisa LaRosa for taking the time to share two of the most beautiful days of your life with us! We are honored and wish you continued blessings and happiness!

Photography: Veritas Studio 

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08/24/2016  . Mother of the Bride | Beth Flynn

Mother of the Bride | Beth Flynn | Photo by Belle & Blanc

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One of our favorite things about our Wedding Spotlight series is seeing how a wedding comes together and all the wonderful people behind the scenes who played a part. The Mother of the Bride, it goes without saying, is often the cornerstone of a wedding day. We were delighted to interview Beth Flynn, whose daughter Kendall was married last year, and get her perspective on the process. You can see Kendall’s beautiful Cincinnati wedding here. Photography by Belle & Blanc.

How did you and your husband meet and fall in love?

We both went to Miami University. I knew who he was but he didn’t know who I was. I saw him at a Miami Alumni picnic and invited him to the Temptations/4 Tops concert at Riverbend. He asked me to the Whitney Houston concert a week later. Things moved quickly from there and we were married 15 months later.

Tell us about your own wedding day.

We got married in November. It actually snowed a little bit that day. I remember that we had a really fun band and everyone was dancing. It was the first time I had a manicure!!

What role did your mother have in your wedding day?

Things were so much more simple then.  We picked out flowers, cake, food, and that was about it. I wore my mother’s wedding dress which was very special.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding.? What was your favorite thing about Kendall’s wedding?  

My favorite thing was probably just being married. I was so excited to get married. Our friends and family seemed to really enjoy themselves and I was glad I could wear my mom’s dress. My favorite thing about Kendall’s wedding was the planning process itself (really!!) because we talked every day and seeing Kendall’s friends so happy for her.  And lastly, dancing at her wedding, people really had fun.

How did planning your own wedding compare to planning Kendall’s wedding?

My wedding planning process seemed to be so simple!!  I worked to stay within a budget.  We were only engaged for 7 months so we didn’t have time to overthink things!!  On the other hand….Kendall was quite the planner!!!  She loved Google docs and forced me to learn to use them.  It really was helpful though.  We both talked a lot to friends who have been through the process to get recommendations and ideas.  And of course Pinterest was a big help (kind of!)  She knew what she wanted and that helped the process a lot.

Mother of the Bride | Beth Flynn | Photo by Belle & Blanc

Belle & Blanc

Thank you so much to Beth for sharing your thoughts with us! Many blessings to you and your family! 

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