How Do You Do 'I do'? A Spoon Fulla Sugar

Kortnee Kate Photography

Kortnee Kate Photography

Local bakery, A Spoon Fulla Sugar has been a part of Cincinnati’s wedding community for almost 10 years producing an incredible variety of beautiful, artful wedding cakes. They are well known for using the finest ingredients, clean lines and of course, signature hummingbird cake. Although in the midst of a busy wedding season they took time to answer a few of our questions!

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What sets A Spoon Fulla Sugar apart from other local wedding bakeries?

Taste and appearance.

The use of quality ingredients shines through to the final flavor of our product. Using real butter in our icing and making just about everything from scratch creates a huge difference. We spend a lot of time getting our cakes smooth with crisp edges. Clean cakes with flawless designs are our priority. Our goal from the start was to make cakes that taste as good as they look.

A Spoon Fulla Sugar Wedding Cake

What is your vision for A Spoon Fulla Sugar over the next few years?

The vision for A Spoon Fulla Sugar over the next few years is to continue to make its mark in Cincinnati as a premier place to get a wedding cake. We want to continue to grow and may reach out to different ventures.

Over the years our Wedding Spotlight series has grown into an incredible collection of local and national weddings. It has also been an opportunity to feature the hard work and exceptional talents of Cincinnati and northern Kentucky’s local wedding vendor community from photographers to floral designers to bakeries.

Bambino International

Bambino International

What does an average day in the kitchen during wedding season look like at A Spoon Fulla Sugar?

It’s hard to describe an average day because I don’t know if that exists around here. We have a schedule of tasks that we try to accomplish each day of each week to keep us on track.

Hot and loud might be a good way to describe it too. With cakes going in and out of the oven all day things get pretty heated. It gets pretty noisy with conversations and music being played over mixers, dish sprayers, and refrigerators.

The Carrs Photography

The Carrs Photography

What recent trends in wedding cake design are you exploring or interested in exploring?

We like to explore many of the rustic themed cakes. The simple elegance and unique techniques make them some of our favorites. Textured buttercream can create a whole new look from the traditional wedding cake.

Would you say you have a signature cake and most requested cake?

Our signature cake is called hummingbird. It’s a southern spice cake with pineapple, bananas, and pecans. It pairs well with cream cheese frosting as a filling.

As far as our most requested cake, it’s probably a split between chocolate cake with an Oreo mousse filling and white cake with seedless raspberry jam.

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Shelby Street Photography

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