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If flowers have a secret language then Robin Wood and her brilliant team speak in blooms and vines. We have featured so many couples on our Wedding Spotlight series whose wedding day's were completed with the floral designs of Robin Wood Flowers. We asked Robin to give us a little insight into the origins of her passion and what she offers the Cincinnati wedding community.  

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How did your interest in floral design begin? What inspired your path?

As a longtime gardener and lover of nature, I wanted to be around flowers all year round. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to find some very talented designers and together we’ve created what Robin Wood Flowers is today.

Does Robin Wood Flowers have a signature style? If so, tell us about it.

We love looking for unusual blooms and whenever possible, we buy from local flower growers. This comes through in our style as no two arrangements look exactly alike. Each piece is custom and created for the individual.

Why is it important for engaged couples to work with a floral designer?

Flowers can help transform a room into an extraordinary space. When a couple is working to create a beautiful space for their wedding, flowers are a key element for beauty. No other decoration is going to have the WOW effect that flowers do.

Kortnee Kate Photography

Kortnee Kate Photography

Ben Elsass Photography

Ben Elsass Photography

Does Robin Wood Flowers provide items for weddings and events other than flowers?

Oh yes! We can assist in any needed design element for a wedding. If a couple needs it, we can coordinate rental of linens and furniture or other accessories to help with the overall look. Additionally, we offer a variety of vases, votives and plants - all things to help customize the wedding for the couple.

Shelby Street Photography

Shelby Street Photography

What can couples do to get the most out of a consultation? What would you like them to know prior to their consultation?

If the couple has any ideas they’ve saved on Pinterest it’s always helpful to see that during the consultation. However, many times they need help deciding on styles of arrangements, colors and types of flowers and we love helping them!

Is sustainability an issue in the floral industry? If so how does Robin Wood Flowers approach the issues?

Of course it is! One of our priorities at our shop is to waste less and compost more. We collect all of the clippings and stems throughout the day and make sure that they don’t end up in the landfill. We drive all of our green waste to a facility that composts high volumes for commercial use. Additionally, we work with a company called Rebloom to collect the flowers, arrange them in smaller vases and deliver them to hospitals. We love that the flowers get a second chance to brighten someone’s day!

A heartfelt thank you to Robin for taking the time to answer all of our questions! We wish everyone at Robin Wood Flowers an absolutely beautiful upcoming springtime and a joyful wedding season! 

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Kortnee Kate Photography

Kortnee Kate Photography


What future plans do you have for Robin Wood Flowers?

We plan to continue doing the creative work we love and helping couples to have beautiful flowers at their weddings! My daughter, Sadie, has recently joined the business and loves working with the couples to coordinate all of the finer details and ensure everything is perfect.