Mother of the Bride | Lori Bruewer

We featured Emily Bruewer Moore‘s classic winter wedding earlier this week and are following up with a special Mother of the Bride feature!  Lori Bruewer talks planning, budget and watching her daughter’s vision come to life on her wedding day.  Photos by Laura Leppert Knabe of Leppert Photography.


Tell us about finding Emily’s dress.

We were suppose to go to see a photographer but he cancelled at the last minute.  Because we (two Maids of honor, the bride and myself) were already together we thought we would go to the Reading Bridal district. Each of us picked a gown for Emily to try on and the second or third one was it, the one her sister picked out. 

I was not a fan of the dress, but she was tearing up and knew it was the one.  Every time she tried it on at home, I like it even more.  Not because of the dress, but because of the way she glowed every time she tried it on.  On her wedding day, walking down the aisle, I could not think of a better dress for her.


Tell us about picking out your dress. 

We tried on dresses at Bridal and Formal, the day we found Emily’s dress.  I found one I liked, but it only came in an off white top and different colored skirts (it was a two piece with an A line skirt). After trying other places, finding nothing, we went back to Bridal and Formal, but they discontinued carrying mother of the bride or that one at least. I ordered the original one in black but not an A line skirt.  Yes, they had it in black but not the material or skirt I liked.  So when my order came in, I hated the skirt. We took it to Mary at Sew Much in Reading and she worked her magic and it looked beautiful.

Your advice to future mother of the brides?

It’s your daughters day!  Give her your advice, your ideas, your budget, but most of all your love.  It’s a great time to step back and see how she manages everything.  Watch the girl turn into the woman, that you raised her to be.

Thanks so much to Lori for sharing your thoughts with us!  We wish you and your family the best in the years to come and many more happy anniversaries!


Describe your own wedding day.

It was an amazingly beautiful day. We were married May 9, 1987 at St. William Church at 1pm, full Catholic Mass.  An open house at my parents home, and a reception at 7pm, Kolping Grove.  

Did you have a vision for your daughter’s wedding?

Yes  Something from David Tutera (we love watching that show).

How did you establish a wedding budget? 

A little research, but we asked my brother-in-law what he spent on his daughter’s in 2012, then added a little more because we knew we were going to have more people. We went way over budget, but it was worth it!


What surprised you about planning Emily’s wedding?

How much I wouldn’t have to say.  We had a dadzilla, and a strong opinionated bride.

Did you see eye to eye with your daughter?

No, nor her father; but my husband and I planned our whole wedding so I went with what she envisioned.

What was your favorite planning moment? 

Just the whole planning concept and being with my daughter, watching her ideas come to life, letting me worry about the budget, and taking everyone’s ideas and turning them into her own vision.

Nicolette Meade