The Mother's Day Mom Quiz



We love Mom and try to show our love and appreciation all year long but know that Mother’s Day is a very special occasion and a great opportunity to make memories. Don’t miss the chance to take your Mom out to a nice lunch or dinner, go for a walk in her favorite park, and ask her what she is up to.

If a thoughtful gift would be appropriate stop by Poeme and pick up something beautiful, unique, or whimsical to match your Mom’s personality.


Mostly A’s Mom:

The Mom who surrounds herself with beautiful, whimsical things and loves flowers. Rifle Paper Company delivers with unique color palettes and floral designs gracing the surface of canteens, recipe boxes, key chains, and notebooks.

A. Rifle Paper Co. Mom

A. Rifle Paper Co. Mom

Mostly C’s Mom:

The Mom who is always ready for some sunshine and fun! She makes your day brighter by welcoming you with her smile and easy laugh. For this Mom we selected items with a summer palette of yellows and blues. Fiorentina leather journal, mosaic eyeglass case from Acme, potted plant pendulum clock from Modern Moose and the perfect beach journal from Oblation Papers and Press.

Sunshine Mom

Mostly E’s Mom:

The Mom who assures you that magic exists. She includes unicorns and rainbows in her text messages on occasion, reminds you when Mercury is in retrograde, and loves coloring Easter eggs. She finds joy in the little things and makes sure to share them with you. For the magical Mom we choose a mythical watercolor creature Little Notes set, flying gold foil pig stationery from Crane, and of course unicorn pencils and erasers.

Magical Mother's Day gift set

We were inspired to put together a set of product vignettes as a guide to finding the perfect gift for Mom. Have a little fun this Mother’s Day and take our “The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Mom” Quiz.

  1. Accessory Mom is never without:

    a. Hat

    b. Handbag

    c. Slip-ons

    d. Scarf

    e. Earrings

  2. Book Mom quotes from:

    a. Anne of Green Gables

    b. The Great Gatsby

    c. Eat, Pray, Love

    d. Little Women

    e. Alice in Wonderland

  3. Mom’s beverage of choice:

    a. Tea

    b. Wine

    c. Mojito

    d. Coffee

    e. Mimosa

  4. Mom is always up for:

    a. Reading

    b. Lunching with friends

    c. Morning swim

    d. A discussion

    e. Snuggling

  5. Mom’s aura is:

    a. Teal

    b. Gingham

    c. Happy

    d. Inspiring

    e. Gold foiled


Mostly B’s Mom:

B. Kate Spade Mom

B. Kate Spade Mom

Mostly D’s Mom:

For the mom who isn’t satisfied with the status quo. She is an excellent conversationalist and always insightful. She’s the one who will introduce you to your new favorite novel and get excited to take you out to a restaurant she just discovered. For the Mom who champions the best in her children we selected a letter writing kit from Mr. Boddington’s Studio, an Emily McDowell coffee mug, a Statue of Liberty pen and an elegant journal from Oblation Papers and Press.

Strong Woman mom

Find these and so many more beautiful and thoughtful gifts at our brick and mortar shop!

Nicolette Meade