NEW FOR FALL! E. Frances Paper Arrivals

Send the cheeriest card for any congratulatory event... graduation, engagement, pregnancy, purchase of a new couch...

Each E. Frances card begins as an original watercolor painting, is then printed in brilliant color on luxe, heavyweight paper and is finally kissed with gold foil.

Made in the USA. - from EFrances

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Watercolor spiral bound journals, greeting cards for all occasions, and chubby little notes that make the perfect extra gift.


From E. France: E. Frances is like a big ol' cookie that is made from three simple ingredients: love, kindness and positivity. We want to share this huge cookie - the more you give, the bigger it gets. And we like our cookies BIG. We have not invented a new recipe - it's one handed down from our grandmothers. Help each other. Be kind. Spread positivity. Write a letter!

Nicolette Meade