Penny & The Pragmatic Post

We at Poeme have been working with brides, grooms and in-laws-to-be for over 10 years to create both beautiful and practical wedding stationery. And although the aesthetics might be the “fun” part, the conversations about logistics, research about the etiquette and interesting facts and tidbits about traditions have lead to a wealth of social knowledge we would like to share!

So we are excited to introduce you to Penny Pragmatic and her Pragmatic Post! Penny will be addressing (ha ha – no pun intended ;)) a slew of wedding and social etiquette conundrums and offering real life solutions. Her go-to resources will of course be the experts such as Emily Post and Crane and Co. but we know from experience that every event encounters its own unique set of problematic politics and we are happy to help!

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Nicolette Meade