Amy + Kenny's Cincinnati Club Wedding Celebration

Native Iris Photography

Native Iris Photography

How did you and Kenny meet?

Kenny and I met online via Zoosk! I spent many years searching and this was his first time with online dating! Go Figure! He was the first and only guy I allowed to know my last name and gave him my home address to pick me up for our first date. We chatted and texted for about six weeks prior and so I was very comfortable with him. Was such a gentleman and still is always!


Tell us about the proposal.

The proposal was in St. Pete Beach Florida. It is a good thing that you cannot have scratch and sniff our proposal pictures because we had the Red tide all week while we were there. Ha ha! I suspected that it would happen that week, but never on the night it did! We were in casual clothes (t-shirts and shorts) and we debated about walking down to the ocean. The smell was horrible so we didn’t make it that far. We were watching the sunset and he turned to me and asked if I would spend the rest of my sunsets with him! Cue the tears……it was perfect in every way and so us!

Native Iris Photography

Native Iris Photography

Tell us about finding your dress.

I had two appointments on a particular Saturday and had my maid of honor, my mom and my two sisters go with me. The very first shop and the very first dress is the one I ended up with. I knew it, but I went along with trying on several others and kept the other appointment at the other dress shop. Oddly, we all had that moment at the second shop.

But it was more about knowing that I had found the dress on the first try and that we were going back to get the dress. The woman at the shop I did not buy from was so supportive and when I showed her the pictures from the one I knew I wanted, she said- Girl go get that dress, that is your dress! Class act!

Native Iris Photography

Native Iris Photography

How were your personal styles reflected on your wedding day?

You would think again being 47 that I had a complete vision of what I wanted my day to be like as far as color etc. I did not. I picked the month and day and built the theme around that. My father is 85 and in diminishing health and he loves St. Patrick’s day and so do I, so that seemed like a good place to go. We kept it classy but very fun. We did green bridesmaids dresses and I incorporated blue and gold as well. Guys wore green and navy plaid ties. I loved how it all played out and the green was so flattering on all of the bridesmaids.


How did you decide on your venue? Why was it the perfect choice?

I have had a long term relationship for a variety of reasons with Chuck McHale, the owner of McHale’s Catering. He is beyond generous to our community and so I did not look at any other venues except ones that he was a caterer for as I wanted to give him the business. The Cincinnati Club is stunning on its own and it fit our vision just perfectly. Kenny, my husband has a real love for older buildings and when we walked in, we knew that was the place!


Best thing about being married?

I love being married! He is my perfect match and we have enjoyed so much being together and being married!


Vendor Partners

Amys Gown: Belle Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal and Formal | Attire: Joseph A Banks | Flowers: The Secret Garden | Event Planner: Lindsey Morris with McHale’s | Cake and other Sweets: Servatti’s | Catering: McHale’s | Music: DJ Butlers | Venue & Linens: The Cincinnati Club | Photography: Whitney Pelfrey | Kristin was awesome to work with at Poeme! Talk about nailing my vision! Whoa!

Native Iris Photography

Native Iris Photography

Tell us a little about you and Kenny.

Kenny lived in Lexington when we first met and moved here after several months of dating. He is in the transportation business and I am in banking. He is the youngest of three and I am the youngest of six. We both love being around friends and family as much as possible. Enjoy a variety of activities. During the summer, you will find us poolside for sure!

Describe your wedding day. Is there a particular moment that remains in your memory most vividly?

I smiled the whole day. I was so happy to be marrying my amazing husband. Being surrounded all day by the people you love the most is such an incredible feeling. Kenny and I danced all night and we both smiled from ear to ear from beginning to end. Besides every minute I spent with him that day, another favorite memory is having my mom and nieces and bridesmaids standing in a half circle and me walking out and having them see me for the first time. Our photographer captured their faces perfectly and that was such a special moment for me. They made me feel so incredible in that moment.

Native Iris Photography

Native Iris Photography

How did you stay within your wedding budget?

Um what budget? Being a 47 year first time bride, I focused on the things that really mattered. The budget escalates very quickly, but we don’t regret one penny we spent.

Native Iris Photography

Native Iris Photography


What detail of the wedding did you focus on the most?

Not sure I focused on one exactly, I worried about it all. But I didn’t get so stressed out that I didn’t enjoy every second. I trusted the vendors I selected and that made it all come together.

What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

I have said this to everyone and I truly mean it! DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN AHEAD OF TIME LEAVING THE WEEK OF THE WEDDING FOR ALL FUN THINGS! I had everything I needed, but waited to wrap gifts, write cards etc. until the week of and it made it stressful. Seriously knock out everything you can ahead of time!!!


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