Hannah + Akash's Gorgeous Outdoor Pinecroft Wedding


What sort of vision did you have for your wedding stationery?

Going into the stationary consultation, I hoped our stationary could reflect both my personal style but also contain elements of Akash's South Indian heritage. I wanted the paper goods to drive the details of our wedding though it also had to be functional. We had multiple events with different guest lists and all in all had a lot of moving parts. As you can imagine when I walked into our first appointment with Kristen I was all over the place and I am pretty sure she needed a stiff drink immediately after! I knew I wanted the design of the stationary to have an Indian motif but I felt pretty strongly that I didn't want that motif to be paisley.


After searching around, I found a design called a rangoli- a South Indian design that is drawn on doorsteps of houses for good luck. The particular rangoli we found was made of hearts and I knew it was perfect! I sent it over to Kristen and she worked her magic! She designed our monogram as a function of the rangoli and used the pattern all throughout our invitation suite, signage, escort cards, napkins, you name it! It was so fun to have such a meaningful idea pull all the aspects of our day together.


What was the most enjoyable aspect of the wedding planning process?

I can without a doubt say that the most enjoyable part of the entire wedding planning process were my meetings with Kristen to design our paper goods. I probably was a frustrated designer in a past life and getting to play with the details of our custom invitation suite was the most fun.

What we ended up with was such a beautiful and meaningful labor of love. Learning about the etiquette and tradition of wedding planning and wedding invitation was also so helpful because then we could deliberately choose what to stick to and what to forget about based upon what was important to us. Kristen has so much knowledge in these customs and was a great guide for us.


How did you feel about the wedding planning process? Did you enjoy it?

I really enjoyed the entire wedding planning process. It was such a nice excuse for a meaningful creative project! I made a choice pretty early on that if anything about wedding planning started to get on my nerves or stress me out, I would just not put my attention there. I spent my time with the parts that I had the most fun with (hence the hours spent at Poeme) and all the rest of the details that were less enjoyable fell into place. Even though the months of planning were so great and memorable, there was no better feeling than being surrounded by all the love of your favorite people on your special day!

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