Keisha + Chris's Southern Wedding with Bold Lines and Bright Florals

Keisha + Chris were married classic southern style in Music City. Guests enjoyed a festive weekend in Nashville during the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo with plenty to do. The wedding and reception took place at the historic Riverwood Mansion near the banks of the Cumberland River. Keisha was a beautiful belle in her gown and lush pink bouquet. Chris a true gentleman by her side. We love how they incorporated bits of tradition and personal touches to make the day a perfect reflection of their style. Rachel Moore Photo captured the day.

Bright and bold southern wedding in pinks.

Tell us a little about you and your husband, Chris.

Chris and I have a long history that goes back to 13 years ago in our early college days at the University of Cincinnati. Most would say they always knew we would end up together but we had to go our separate ways to make it in the end.

We enjoy traveling, lake weekends, Jimmy Buffett concerts, our yorkiepoo Khloe and spending time with our friends and family. Some would say we don't want to grow up, we look at it as always up for a good time!

Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals

How were your personal styles reflected in your wedding day?

We love all things Southern so decided to do an out-of-town wedding in our favorite city Nashville. We enjoy the music, food and memories the city has given to us during our relationship. One word that describes us is classic so that is the word used to describe our wedding.

Classic black and white stripe with touches of pink floral were our theme. We made sure to personalize as much as possible so guests felt they could see our personalities pop throughout the day. We didn't want the usual wedding that our guests had experienced. We wanted to bring them all together in a city where they could spend several days/nights together catching up and letting loose! It was also a perfect fit for us to get married on May 5 (Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby) two festivities we celebrate on a yearly basis. This resulted in our hashtag #cincodesimmy.

What were your favorite details?

My favorite details were the little things and guests did notice and make comments to me. We used my old guitar from childhood as our guestbook. We chose the groom's favorite foods for the dinner stations: Nashville hot chicken, make your own mac-and-cheese bar and ended the evening with a nacho bar in honor of Cinco De Mayo.

Our signature drinks reflected our personalities and one of course in honor of our dog, the Khloe Rita! I also can't give enough praise to our florist Enchanted Florists who took bright pink floral to a new level especially with their chandelier design.

Guests would probably say their favorite memory is the Shutterbus photo booth. It was an old VW bus that gave a new spin on taking fun pictures as a keepsake! We drove away in country legend Waylon Jenning's historic black Cadillac limousine- this was for sure Chris's favorite part of our day and added a little country music history to our farewell! As you can see we took a lot of time to personalize our day and make sure it reflected us and things we love and enjoy to share with our guests.

Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals.
Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals
southern wedding with bright florals and black and white stripes.
Classic black and white stripe with touches of pink floral were our theme.

How did you decide on your venue? Why was it the perfect choice?

We chose the timeless Riverwood Mansion that makes you feel as though you are back in the 1800s. They had a wonderful rain plan and unfortunately we had to use it that day as the weather was not in our favor! As they say "rain is luck" so we for sure have luck for the rest of our lives! It did not rain on our parade as everything ran smoothly and guests didn't even realize we were supposed to be holding the ceremony in the garden area. We had just enough time to get photos as well. It was perfect because we shuttled guests to/from the location and everyone was in one spot for the entire day- very seamless and made for the perfect sparkler exit!

Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals

Describe your wedding day. Is there a particular moment that remains in your memory most vividly?

I was very adamant to not see Chris in advance or do a first look. I wanted the first time I saw him to be when walking down the aisle. My father passed away two years ago so we made sure to honor him with a chair reserved in the aisle and on my bouquet through a charm to walk down the aisle with me.

My grandfather filled the role in his place and had a blast! I've never seen him in a tux and you can tell by the pictures he was just adorable! That moment walking down with my grandpa and seeing Chris for the first time will always stick out in my mind. It felt like I was walking on clouds. I thought I would get emotional given my father's situation but I was just so happy and excited I blocked it from my mind.

Our wedding day was a party! Guests danced the night away and many still recall this as the perfect college reunion which is where it all began with many of the same people as the night we met.

Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals

What helped you in the planning process? What resources did you find helpful?

Pinterest and Instagram can be your best friend or worst enemy with the ideas you can create! I read lots of blogs but most is just what I had dreamed since I was a little girl. My mom helped to create a vision and make this come to life. I know it's crazy to say but I always knew I would have a black and white checked dance floor with bright flowers covering the room. It was honestly a dream come true!

Best thing about being married?

The best part of being married is that it confirmed that we were meant to be together. The happiness and joy that we felt that day will always stick out in my mind. We are thankful to have so many supportive and loving family and friends. I'm looking forward to the next phase of our life together and seeing where the road takes us.

Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals

Where did you honeymoon?

Being an out-of-town wedding we chose to go at a later date. We are set to head out to Italy for two weeks in September going to Venice, Florence and Rome.

Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals
Bright and bold southern wedding with pink florals
Bright and bold southern wedding invitation with bold black and white stripes and gold foil. Stationery by Poeme.


Keisha’s Gown: Marie Gabriel Couture : Dress Designer: Alvina Valenta | Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Salyer's Fabulous Bridal: Dress Designer Hayley Paige Occasions | Attire: Peppe Ramundo Menswear & Black Tie | Flowers: The Enchanted Florist | Event Planner: Riverwood Mansion | Cake, Sweets + Catering: 8 Lavender Lane | Music: DJ Chris Faulk Venue: Riverwood Mansion | Linens/Rentals: Grand Central Party Rental | Drapery/Additional Rentals: Events Plus | Photography: Rachel Moore Photo | Stationery: Poeme | Personalized Signs: Miss Design Berry | Photobooth: Shutterbus | Hair + Makeup: Locks by Leslie