Mother of the Bride | Beth Flynn

One of our favorite things about our Wedding Spotlight series is seeing how a wedding comes together and all the wonderful people behind the scenes who played a part. The Mother of the Bride, it goes without saying, is often the cornerstone of a wedding day. We were delighted to interview Beth Flynn, whose daughter Kendall was married last year, and get her perspective on the process. You can see Kendall’s beautiful Cincinnati wedding here. Photography by Belle & Blanc.

How did you and your husband meet and fall in love?

We both went to Miami University. I knew who he was but he didn’t know who I was. I saw him at a Miami Alumni picnic and invited him to the Temptations/4 Tops concert at Riverbend. He asked me to the Whitney Houston concert a week later. Things moved quickly from there and we were married 15 months later.

Tell us about your own wedding day.

We got married in November. It actually snowed a little bit that day. I remember that we had a really fun band and everyone was dancing. It was the first time I had a manicure!!

Belle & Blanc Photography

Belle & Blanc Photography

Belle & Blanc Photography

Belle & Blanc Photography

What role did your mother have in your wedding day?

Things were so much more simple then.  We picked out flowers, cake, food, and that was about it. I wore my mother’s wedding dress which was very special.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding? What was your favorite thing about Kendall’s wedding?  

My favorite thing was probably just being married. I was so excited to get married. Our friends and family seemed to really enjoy themselves and I was glad I could wear my mom’s dress. My favorite thing about Kendall’s wedding was the planning process itself (really!!) because we talked every day and seeing Kendall’s friends so happy for her.  And lastly, dancing at her wedding, people really had fun.

How did planning your own wedding compare to planning Kendall’s wedding?

My wedding planning process seemed to be so simple!!  I worked to stay within a budget.  We were only engaged for 7 months so we didn’t have time to overthink things!!  On the other hand….Kendall was quite the planner!!!  She loved Google docs and forced me to learn to use them.  It really was helpful though.  We both talked a lot to friends who have been through the process to get recommendations and ideas.  And of course Pinterest was a big help (kind of!)  She knew what she wanted and that helped the process a lot.

Thank you so much to Beth for sharing your thoughts with us! Many blessings to you and your family! 

Nicolette Meade