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Johanna + Andrew's Pinecroft Estate Wedding with the Most Fabulous Details

Tell us about the subtle bee motif you incorporated throughout your wedding. 

I love monograms and the idea of "branding" your wedding.  I think having a logo or a key image incorporated into different elements really helps tie things together.  I wanted my guests to know I had worked really hard to pull everything together and incorporating our "bee" into so many of the pieces of our wedding helped convey that nothing was there by chance.  I picked the "bee" because I thought it was clever play on our married last name "Brun" and visually more interesting than just the letter "B". The irony is of course that I am deathly allergic to bees but I thought that made it even more personal!

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Jenna + Ryan's Ault Park Wedding Celebration

The reception was at Ault Park! We had such an amazing crew that helped the day come together. I could not believe my eyes when I finally saw our day come to life. It is something else planning a day, and making decisions and you have no clue how it will all come together. Well my vendors were the A team! Everything was perfect.

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Wedding Spotlight | Ellie + Jay

Ellie + Jay were married on a perfect summer day in July at Saint Rose Church in Cincinnati's East End. The reception followed at Greenacres Art Center, one of our city's most beautiful and historic estates. Tall trees pepper the lawns of Greenacres shading the buildings, walkways, and many carefully planted garden beds. 

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Lindsey + Chase's Cincinnati Art Museum Wedding & Monastery Event Center Reception

From the proposal…The very next morning Chase invited her to go out . Yes, if this girl, would accept a date to his all-time favorite movie, Finding Nemo, he was pretty sure that he was finding “the one.” The rest of the summer held festivals, dinner dates, meeting one another’s families and hanging out regularly at Dutch’s.

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